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Nisrine Tafesh ... a new troublemaker under the spotlight

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Nisrine Tafesh is a very famous Syrian actress that is well known in the Arab world. People knew her as the peaceful girl with an angel face and all of a sudden, she turned out to be a real trouble maker.

Dima Bayyaa said that Nisrine Tafesh was the reason of her divorce and showed proves to that and she also talked about all the harm that Tafesh is trying to do to her.

After that, things started to show up and now, quarrels started between Kinda Hanna and Nisrine Tafesh after Nisrine started talking in a bad way about Kinda all around.

Nisrine Tafesh also has quarrels with Tulin Bakri in addition to lots of hatred towards Dima Al Jundi , Amal Bashusha, Cyrine Abdelnour and other actresses.

Nisrine Tafesh ... a new troublemaker under the spotlight

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