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Shrimpy: One of the best fish restaurants

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Shrimpy is a fish fast food restaurant in Kuwait and they have a big and organized branch on the Gulf road in Dhiafa Village where you can go and enjoy several types of fish.

Our experience in Shrimpy was a very good one, their shrimps, Tempura, fried fish, grilled fish and Salad bar are all worth a try.

When you visit Shrimpy, try the Shrimp platter which comes in a big portion just for 3 KD and the Shrimp Tempura PLT Combo that is just for 2.75 KD.

Foe delivery service, call 1802662

Shrimpy: One of the best fish restaurants

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Shrimpy Restaurant - Kuwait
Shrimpy Restaurant - Kuwait

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    Dear Sir/Madam

    This afternoon of 9th December at approxiamately 3:30 I bought the 7.650 Dinar meal which includes 8 pieces of fish, 30 pieces of shrimp, coleslaw and chips. Unfortunately I did not check my order and dropped the meal order at home for my kids without checking while on my way to a meeting. Upon my return 4hours later, my kids told me that there were no fish. I called the Shrimpy call centre and they put me through to the Mangaf branch. I explained to the manager in charge that the cashier, Mr. Mbamtiy forgot to place the fish in my order and that I won't be able to pick up the meal as I had young children and that I needed to take a taxi to Shrimpy. The manager told me it was their mistake and took my address to deliver the remainder of my order. However the manager called back 10 minutes later only to tell me that I have to place another order before they would deliver the remainder of my fish. Utterly redicolous, the manager who acknowledged 10 minutes ago that it was their mistake changed his mind not to deliver. The manager, Mr.Ramesh was unprofessional and persistent in his approach to a simple matter. After all the policy of Shrimpy I'm sure is that the customer comes first. Until now they did not deliver our family dinner for the night and Shrimpys slogan, Food for the entire Family is down the drain. My kids had to go to bed starved. Please reply asap and try to resolve the matter urgently.

    Disgusted in your poor service.

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