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3 terrifying airports to land at

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Landing and taking off of the plane are usually considered the most terrifying moments of the flight but what if you land in scary places like on the heads of people and the tops of buildings?!

1. Princess Juliana Airport, Caribbean:

3 terrifying airports to land at

Isn't it annoying when you’re trying to relax on the beach and someone shakes their towel and you get sand in your eye? Well spare a thought for beachgoers on the island of Saint Martin who have planes basically landing on their head.

2. Congonhas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

3 terrifying airports to land at

You know what’s awkward? Having a major airport just five miles from a city centre. Sao Paulo’s Congonhas airport was built just before a rapid growth development, meaning there are plenty of high rises in close proximity to the runway. It’s basically like a pilot’s very own version of Flappy Bird.

3. Kai Tak Airport, Hong Kong

This airport closed in 1998 – cue round of applause. It was ranked the world’s sixth most terrifying airport thanks to the mountains and skyscrapers located to the north of the runway. Just take a look at the photo. Terrifying.

3 terrifying airports to land at

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