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Wael Kfoury joined Arab Idol?!

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After a big misunderstanding between the Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama and MBC, Ragheb Alama left the jury of Arab Idol and after that, the unexpected happened.

The Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury joined the jury as a replacement for Ragheb Alama after he was in the jury of the X-factor show in Rotana. No one actually expected this to happen.

Ahlam, part of Arab Idol jury, welcomed Wael Kfoury to Arab Idol through her social media accounts and she shared this photo below on Instagram to show her happiness and joy about what happened.

So, Wael Kfroury will join Ahlam, Nancy Ajram and Hassan Al-Shafei leaving no way back for Ragheb Alama to settle with MBC and return to Arab Idol jury.

Wael Kfoury joined Arab Idol?!

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  • 2 -
    I agree with you Ruba, Ahlam proved over the last 3 episodes of Arab Idol that she doesn't value colleagues especially an experience singer such as Rahgib. She consistently makes inappropriate comments during the program and behaves in away that doesn't show any professionalism. Losing Ragheb is certainly a big loss to the program and it'll never be the same.

  • 1 - Ragheb and Wael are both loved
    Ruba khabaz
    I love both Ragheb and Wael but what I can't understand is how can a star like Ahlam be the reason of Ragheb's departure from Arab Idol. It is a pity of how MBC listen to her. How can Ahlam afford the disgust and the hatred of Raghebs' fans. She is responsible for his departure and this proves there is no professionalism in any of international programs. I LOVE Wael Kfoury big timeeeeeeeeeeeee and so I love Ragheb but I am really disgusted and feel that Ahlam is nothing but a spoiled star.

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