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The bye-bye recipe for fats in the hips

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Having fats in the hips is such a big deal for many people and especially for women who are more likely to have fats in this area. But now, you can try this recipe and make a change.

Chop four tomatoes, four pieces of garlic and 1 onion in addition to your choice of either broccoli or Zucchini or cauliflower and add water to them and boil them.

The first step of the soup preparation is done so now, add pepper, paprika and oregano. Let it boil until the vegetables are done and then give it a taste.

Note two things:

1. Eat this soup only at night as dinner and eat as much as you want...no limited serving.

2. This recipe works when you are on diet and also working out. Don't eat the whole chocolate on Earth and then expect a dramatic change or a miracle.

The bye-bye recipe for fats in the hips

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