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Jessica Simpson diet and befor/after weight loss

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Jessica Simpson delivered two babies one after the other and gained a lot of weight and after all that, she surprised everyone and was able to loose more than 20 Kilos in 3 months only.

All that didn't happen in a blink of an eye. Simpson started a strict diet plan in addition to intensive sports especially walking and her diet became a trending diet for many girls who are dreaming of the perfect body before summer.

In the morning, Jessica Simpson eats yogurt mixed with oatmeal along with a few pieces of strawberries for breakfast and for lunch, Jessica eats fresh vegetables and cooked Farro or Quinua without chicken or red meat which she excluded totally.

Between lunch and dinner, Simpson eats two pieces of pineapple and Ground Cherry. The dinner is Sumo fish or Salmon that is rich in Omega 3 along with cooked boiled vegetables.

Jessica Simpson diet and befor/after weight loss

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