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Al Sayer Group 7th Blood Donation Campaign

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Driven by Al-Sayer Group commitment to carry out its social duty and commitment to its social responsibility around the year to the Kuwaiti society, and belief in the importance of participating in such activities and contribution to the promotion of health awareness and highlighting the importance of blood donation at both social and health levels.

Al Sayer Group 7th Blood Donation Campaign

Corporate Events and Quality Assurance Department at Al Sayer Group Holding, one of the biggest business groups in Kuwait, organized its 7th annual blood donation campaign in cooperation with Central Blood Bank. The campaign was held on 17th March, where a large number of the Group employees from different operations, departments and divisions donated their blood in the building of Al-Sayer Group head office in the Free Zone.

Al Sayer Group organizes the blood donation campaign every year for the noble humanitarian goals of supporting the needy, in which the blood donations save the lives of many patients who are in urgent need of blood transfusions, and highlight the simplicity of blood donation process and the absence of any side effects with negative repercussions on the health of the blood donor.

Al Sayer Group 7th Blood Donation Campaign

On this occasion, Dr. Khaled Ahmed Al-Anzi, Senior Manager of Corporate Events and Quality Assurance in the Sayer Group in Kuwait expressed his delight for the support and participation of the Group staff in this campaign and said:

"The blood donation campaign is a social responsibility to the nation and we in Al Sayer Group are proud of our initiatives that aim to help those who are in urgent need of blood, in addition to the remarkable growth of the number of employees and donors year after year and their response to this humanitarian appeal, giving others an opportunity to move forward in life filled with health and wellness. The importance of Al Sayer Group 7th blood donation campaign is to continually stimulate the process of communication between Al Sayer Group staff and the local community".

Al Sayer Group 7th Blood Donation Campaign

Al-Anzi assured that blood donation has many advantages that many people don’t know about it, the advantages are beyond saving the lives of others but it also benefit the health of the donor himself. In which it activate the blood circulation and stimulates the bone marrow to produce different blood cells after the completion of each donation of blood, in addition to reduce the risk of heart disease and clogged arteries because the blood donation reduces the percentage of iron in the blood which proved correct in many medical and scientific research. The blood donation campaign was held under the supervision of a group of specialist doctors and experienced nurses of the Central Blood Bank of Kuwait.

Al Sayer Group is always eager to continue meeting the sentimental and humanitarian calls just like providing support and assistance to Central Blood Bank staff on their continual announcements of the need for donors and spread the knowledge of blood donation in the Kuwaiti society and to encourage its people to play such high role and contribute to the development of the society .

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