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I hate French Portions

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I hate French Portions

We were having lunch at the de l'étoile at the avenues, so we ordered the starters then moved to the main course - for some reason I ordered the daily special, chicken wrap with goat cheese and spinach stuffing, ratatouille &mushrooms - I was very hungry and anxiously waiting to fill my tummy with yummy food.

When my dish landed at the table, I thought it was some kind of a practical joke. I looked around to see if there's a candid camera somewhere, but there was no sign of that! I looked at my plate again and asked the waiter if that was a kid's meal, or if there's some kind of confusion but none of that was true! That teeny, tiny, minute, minuscule, infinitesimal portion was my lunch!

I tried to divide it into a maximum number of pieces, but I could only divide each wrap by 3 small pieces. So my lunch was over in 6 bites! I was so pissed off, hungry & pissed off I called the waiter again and asked him if they were serious... but he simply answered, it's a French portion sir!

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