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10 Health Tips You Should Consider!

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1. After 2 years of use, more than one third of pillow’s weight is made up of living & dead dust mites, dust mite feces, dead skin& bacteria. Change it earlier!!!

2. The American Cancer Society recommends that women age 40 & older should have a mammogram every year. Don't ignore it!

3. If you suffer from allergies, don’t hang laundryoutside to dry, especially during pollen season. Pollen can stick to thelaundry.

4. If you plan to exercise a few hours prior to going to bed, try something relaxing; like yoga, which can help initiate a good night’s sleep.

5. Stop eating 3 hours before going to sleep. Then, while you sleep, it will help your body burn fat easier instead of creating more.

6. Clothes, linen, towels & other fabrics should be laundered at or above 60 degrees Celsius, in order to prevent cross-contamination& illness.

7. If you suffer from sweaty feet, try not to wear the same shoes two days in a row. Rotate your shoes, to give them a chance to dryout.

8. Just because you don’t smell yourself doesn't mean no one can!!! Beware of that!

9. The better nutrients you put into your body, the more you can tell by the health of your skin and body.

10. Eat some sesame seeds or a few dried apricots everyday. They’re full of iron to help improve your skin tone.

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